Red Herring Art Supply

Meet Alizarin Herring.   We call him "Al" for short.   Our friend Scott Mohr, better known for his bronzes, created this whimsical mascot for us.  Thank you Scott.

Red Herring?  What sort of a name is that for an art supply store? 

We believe that Art evokes an emotional response.   The artist combines materials, words, sounds, and skill and the audience must react with emotion.  Negative or positive.  Love or Hate.  That's art.  If the audience walks away ambivalent - then the artist has failed. 

Our name is inspired by a 1931 murder mystery by Dorothy L. Sayers.   Loved for its complexity, colorful characters, and detailed descriptions of settings.  Hated for its complexity, numerous characters, and detailed descriptions of settings.  And, the railroad timetables, on which everything hinges, are beloved and despised.  The victim is a painter.  A tube of Winsor & Newton flake white is on the list of clues.  There are six suspects - all of them painters, but only one is the murderer.  The Five Red Herrings  was adapted for television in 1975 and starred Ian Carmichael and Glyn Houston. 

For many years, 6719 West Colfax was a book store.   Guess who bought their copy of The Five Red Herrings here?  Coincidence?  If you wish.

Members of  Art Matters, NAMTA, 40 West Arts District, and the West Colfax Community Association.

Al writes posts on the Red Herring Art Supply Facebook page.  He's one busy fish.  And although he prefers watercolor - he's getting better with a camera.  

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