Red Herring Art Supply

Natural Pigments manufactures and distributes rare and hard-to-find materials for fine artists and decorators. They specialize in supplying artists' materials that were used in historical painting since prehistoric times up to and including the nineteenth century.

Constantly searching for materials and products of the finest quality, Natural Pigments travels the world to obtain minerals from mines in Afghanistan, Chile, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, to name a few places.  They process these minerals into natural pigments.  They source resins, gums, and plants from India, Kenya and Malaysia to make natural varnishes and painting mediums.

Now these rare and hard-to-find art materials can be found in Lakewood.  Red Herring Art Supply supports Natural Pigments' emphasis on the artist's continuing education.  These are the same materials used by ancient Egyptians,    Raphael, and Rublev himself to create lasting works in encaustic, fresco, oil, watercolor and tempera painting.

Natural Pigments doesn't sell fresh eggs.   Don't let that stop you from creating in tempera!   Chickens are legal in Lakewood, and our feathered friends from La Casa de Munecas, - Opal, Ilicita,  Irez, and Amy Jolly - are happy to help.   Stop by the shop on Saturday or Sunday and Bob or Kris can make arrangements for a future "today's egg." 

We are really excited to be your local dealer of Cerecolors, Natural Pigments, and Rublev Oil  Paints.  

What are Ceracolors?   This water-soluble, wax-based paint shares familiar properties with traditional media, but they also have unique characteristics and advantages.  When thinned with water, Ceracolors easily disperse to produce vibrant watercolor effects. Or, they can be applied in opaque layers much like acrylic or gouache. Because the paints dry and set quickly, transparent glazes can be built up without long waiting times between layers. In a finished painting, the colors have a rich, matte appearance and a durable finish.  Cleanup with soap and water. 

Rublev Colours Artist Oils use genuine natural and historical pigments like those used by the old masters. Most of these pigments are not found in other brands. These paints are made using materials and methods from before the invention of the collapsible tube.  (pre-1841)  They contain no additives - only pigment and oil. Unlike modern pigments, these paints maintain the unique characteristics of each pigment in oil.  The character found in each tube of our oil colors is unique due to the pigment inside, giving the artist new choices of texture, opacity, consistency, tone and hue. With Rublev Colours you will experience the transparency of yellow ocher, the pale coolness of green earths, and the crystalline glitter of blue lazurite.  Just like the old Masters.